What I do

Research is the new black.

I apply research approach in all aspects of my work:

  • I help teams understand their users, which allows them to create wonderful products.
  • Before I start working with the team, I investigate the team – their development processes, what motivates the team and each individual person, what fears they have, what temporal and technological limitations they have. This approach helps to bring the team maximum benefit from the research. I carefully integrate the research into their development process.
  • I also adhere to this approach when I interact with my research team. Each member of my team also has goals, drivers, and barriers, which I study by interview methods, observations, even online surveys 🙂 A motivated happy team of professionals is an application for victory.

I designed and created the UX-laboratory in Mail.Ru and as a hobby, I help companies build UX labs:

  • I design UX lab space
  • I buy equipment cheaper than the market offers
  • I help to hire a laboratory leader

For example, here’s what happened in the company Avito

I really like to see the joy in people’s eyes when they get something new. That’s why I teach regularly. I help my colleagues to learn methods of UX research:

  1. Specialization “UX UI designer” at Coursera https://www.coursera.org/specializations/ux-ui-design
  2. Course “Head of a digital product” in the Netology https://netology.ru/programs/product-lead
  3. Intensive “UX & UI Product Design” at the British Higher School of Design https://habrahabr.ru/company/mailru/blog/305778/